Where can I buy Cornelius products?

Cornelius products are available in well-stocked food stores and renowned trading partners all over Germany. We will be delighted to provide you with your nearest suppliers of our products on request.

How can I find out about storage conditions?

With a few exceptions, Cornelius products can be stored for some time without refrigeration. The relevant expiry date is always indicated on the packaging. Special refrigeration or storage instructions are generally on the product itself.

What is the best way to store Cornelius Palatine liver sausage?

After opening, Palatine liver sausage should — like all other Cornelius delicacies — be stored in the refrigerator at a maximum temperature of 7 °C and consumed within 3 to 4 days.

How much liver does liver sausage contain?

As laid down in the German food code guideline number 2.2312.5, Palatine liver sausage contains around 30 % liver; more liver than most other types of liver sausage. The individual liver content for veal liver, goose liver and traditional liver sausage are laid down by law and are described in detail for each product on the respective packaging and on our range selection page.

I have a food allergy: Can I eat Cornelius products?

For the production of Palatine liver sausage and Palatine delicacies Cornelius does not generally use artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives or emulsifiers. The majority of our range is gluten- and lactose-free. Special notices about this can be easily found on the respective packaging and are described in detail on our range selection page. In accordance with EU guidelines, all ingredients are generally listed on the product packaging.

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