When was Palatine liver sausage first made?

The origins of Palatine liver sausage lie in the Palatine region. The contribution of our family to the success of Palatine liver sausage began at the start of the 20th century as the self-made sausages from ancestor and great-grandfather Arno Wettengel were sold in the markets of the region. Our Palatine liver sausage has been available in shops since 1947, when his daughter Frieda married into the Cornelius family and with her husband grounded the first wholesaler: Wurstwaren Ludwig Cornelius in Mannheim.

What is in Palatine liver sausage?

Our production uses traditional methods and traditional recipes. The most important ingredient in Palatine liver sausage is pig liver. This is delivered fresh daily. The pigs’ livers are predominantly from Germany as are all the other ingredients: pork, bacon, fresh onions. The spices play a special role in the production of Palatine liver sausage, especially nutmeg, cloves, pepper, marjoram, cardamom, lovage, and coriander.

Can children eat liver sausage?

Our liver sausage is a treat for young, old, and everybody! As a rule, children from the age of around 12 months can eat our liver sausage.

Can I eat Palatine liver sausage if I have a lactose intolerance?

Our complete range is lactose-free, meaning that lactose-intolerant people can enjoy our products. The special advice on this can easily be found on our packaging.

Does Palatine liver sausage contain flavor enhancers?

At Cornelius we do not use any artificial flavor enhancers. Most of our product range does not contain emulsifiers or preservatives either.

What is the best way to store Cornelius Palatine liver sausage?

Like all Cornelius products, after opening you should store Palatine liver sausage in a refrigerator below 7 °C and consume within 3–4 days.

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