Peter Cornelius

Stringent quality management with pleasure and tradition

For three generations, the popular Palatine sausage specialities from Cornelius have been something special - because their products are made with passion, know-how and love.

I would like to tell you more about us, this passion and our traditional company Cornelius. About people who are responsible every day for the quality and taste of our products.

In 2001, I managed the medium-sized company in the third generation - and combine many years of family tradition with modern business practice.

Peter Cornelius

Peter Cornelius

What role does family tradition play?

Peter Cornelius:

Cornelius is an owner-managed family business. I run the company - in the third generation.

We are proud of our long-standing and trusting contacts to our suppliers, employees and trading partners. It is difficult to say whether this is due to the way I was brought up or to my convictions. But whatever it is, my lifestyle and management style is successful and satisfying at the same time.

The greatest legacy of my family is a sense of what is essential, a passion for quality - and the special know-how in sausage production that has been developed and developed over generations. I take care of this heritage.

What is special about the company Cornelius?

Peter Cornelius:

We regard ourselves as industrial manufacturers: production in small high-quality batches, complete transparency in the production processes, short communication paths in administration and direct links to our customers and sales partners.

This means highest quality at every stage of production — right up to the consumer. It begins with the purchase of high-quality ingredients and finishes with the consistent high quality that the consumer serves on their table.

That is our trademark, retailers can be sure that the customer is happy, if not delighted, to enjoy consistently high quality.

From the Palatine region — into the world?

Peter Cornelius:

We regard ourselves — despite and thanks to our national and international trading partners — as a regional company that exists thanks to the concrete link to our region. 

Our products are original Palatine products: they originate from the region and are influenced by the regional cuisine, the landscape and the traditions. We also have the vast knowledge of our employees who live here and who have learned and perfected their craft from the bottom up.

Our employees are the largest part of our company. Most of them feel that they have been linked to our company and their work for decades. And we believe that one can taste this — Germany-wide!

How do you master the challenge of global consumption?

Peter Cornelius:

With enthusiasm! I am pleased that a new social debate on the theme of consumption of meat and meat products has been initiated. For this we need on the one hand consumers who inform themselves, and who shop and consume responsibly.

And on the other hand, companies that communicate openly and truthfully. Only in this way can a respectful and equal exchange take place. We demand that nature, the environment, people and animals are taken into consideration in the entire value-chain.

High-quality ingredients and the best production processes are the basis of our top products; but transparency and the closeness to our customers are additional ingredients that make a premium foodstuff a valuable and pleasurable food — with outstanding identity.

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