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Cornelius original Palatine liver sausage is a cooked sausage delicacy traditionally made in the Palatinate. In olden days, Palatine liver sausage was made during pig feasts during which the meat and liver had to be quickly processed while still warm. And still today, Pfälzer Leberwurst is a delicious part of a hearty Palatine meat platter. Served cold, it enhances a hearty breakfast, cold meat platter and evening meal. Simply tasty, really good!

Original, finely seasoned — natural

Traditionally, Palatine liver sausage is not smooth, but rather has a slightly coarse consistency with bite and hearty seasoning. And although the liver content is significantly higher than in other types of sausage, Pfälzer Leberwurst is not pink but naturally gray. The reason for this is that no curing salt — which would promote reddening — is used in its manufacture.

Smoked or natural

You can enjoy Cornelius Palatine liver sausaget in fine-smoked or unsmoked varieties. We offer Palatine liver sausage in artificial and natural casing — and in practical serving tubs. There is more information about the delicious sausage on our production, storage, and recipe suggestion pages — you won’t find the exact recipe there, we keep that our family and company secret.

Organic and light varieties

Organic-quality and hearty light varieties are becoming more widely known and popular. They are listed separately in our product range overview!

Warm or cold — always tasty!

Palatine liver sausage is tasty warm or cold! Normally, Palatine liver sausage is served cold on delicious bread. Dark breads, pickled gherkins, strong mustard and radishes make excellent accompaniments.

Gently warmed in a water bath, Palatine liver sausage goes well with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes and sauerkraut and is the center of a hearty meal: simply fill a medium-sized pan with ½ liter water and bring to the boil; remove from the heat and allow the Palatine liver sausage to steep for around 10 minutes until warm.

We wish you bon appetit!

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